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Duck and the Diesel Engine
by Rev.W.Awdry

Author: Rev.W.Awdry
RRP: £5.99

The 13th volume in Wilbert Awdry's Railway series. Like most other Railway series books, this book has four stories: 'Domeless Engines', 'Pop goes the Diesel', 'Dirty work' and 'A close shave'. In Domeless Engines, City Of Truro ( A real locomotive) visits Sodor, but Gordon dislikes him because he has no dome. In Pop goes the Diesel, Diesel comes to the island on trial and Duck tricks him into pulling some faulty trucks, In Dirty Work, Diesel gets revenge on Duck by telling lies about him to the Trucks, and in A Close Shave, Duck is chased by a runaway goods train and crashes into a Barbers shop.

My opinion? A very good instalment in the series, and one of the best. Duck and Diesel's rivalry works very well, because when the book was first written, diesels like Diesel were starting to appear on the railway network, so kudos to Awdry for remembering real life. The teasing between the engines is very natural, and my favourite story is 'A close shave' because I've always liked the idea of runaway goods trains, and Diesel is found out and sent away. I'm a Railway enthusiast, and despite my age, I still find myself enjoying this book, (And pretty much every volume in the series), It's for any age.

Overall, I recommend this book, there's plenty to please the railway enthusiast and Thomas fan. The illustrations are realistic, but not too realistic that it puts the kids off. The language is astounding, and It really made Duck shine as a character. If you can find this book, get it, it's worth it.

Ethan Selby-Davis (12)