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by Anthony Horowitz

Author: Anthony Horowitz
RRP: £6.99

Orphaned boy, Alex Rider, now dwells with his uncle, whom he hardly ever sees, lives with Jack Starbright his housekeeper. Shaken by the recent news of his only family member's death, he is shocked further by the revealing of his uncle's true job, an MI6 agent, and another hard hitting reality, the unveiling of his hobbies and activities were actually training for him to be a secret agent for MI6. Having his arm twisted into joining, he endures back breaking, physically aching SAS training and passes with flying colours. Armed with top of the range gadgets, he is plunged straight into the suspect’s home, because of course; no one would suspect a teenager as a spy. The suspect, Herod Sayle, is a multi-millionaire with two henchmen, and an unusual pet, a Portuguese Man o' War, a very big jellyfish. Retaining information and evading capture, Alex Rider faces his first mission, a test of faith and strength will push him to the limit. When all seems lost will he carry on or fulfil his mission?

This is a fast-paced book that will keep you on the edge of your seat, great for the thrill seekers, and never a time where you want to put it down. A tale of a young boy realising that he has been misled for all his younger life, and now flung into a dangerous life, never knowing what could come round the next corner. It is an ingenious idea for a story, no other adult would've thought of, so it is unique and fun, and Anthony Horowitz is clearly in touch with his younger self, a great sign that his other books will be just as good.

This is great for any person, especially boys, as this is full of things only we could dream of, so it is relating to us in some way, provoking a feeling that makes us not want to put it down. It is great for a first in many books in a series, the amount of feeling and joy that the books brought wants you to read the next.

Hosea Nsona (13)