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Diary of Dorkius Maximus in Pompeii
by Tim Collins

Author: Tim Collins
RRP: £7.99

Dorkius gets upset when he is told that his family have to move for the summer to Pompeii. He has to leave the joys of a small Roman town behind for a boring town. Dorkius find the people of Pompeii superstitious but even more than his mum. He watches in disbelief as they base their decisions around animal innard readings!

Dorkius meets a local girl called Decima. Decima is convinced that a demon is haunting a nearby Mount Vesuvius. They investigate and Dorkius finds that the demonic rumbles are coming from inside the volcano itself. He is convinced that the volcano is about to erupt and begins to warn everybody in town but they take no notice. Dorkius flees the town and watches from a distance as the volcano erupts.

They go back to town after to find everyone had survived and only minor damage to property. Dorkius warns the townsfolk that the inner city could face a more deadly eruption but they refuse to believe him.

Will Dorkius be right? Will he predict another eruption and save lives?

Teagan Pritchard (10)