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The Twilight Saga - Breaking Dawn
by Stephanie Meyer

Author: Stephanie Meyer
RRP: £8.99

The story is about a group of soulful vampires who unlike others have created a coven/family and feed only from animals. Each of them have found their mates and now so has Edward Cullen after Bella Swan moved to the town of Folks. The other books leading up to Breaking Dawn have basically been about when they met the vampire 'government' and faced dangers from the dracula kind of vampires, the Cullen family have also started to resolve an ancient argument between themselves and the wolf pack .

It’s nearing Bella and Edwards wedding day and everyone’s excited except for Jacob and the wolf pack because Jacob has feelings for Bella and by choosing to marry Edward she is choosing their lifestyle. It’s not just a choice between who she will spend forever with its a choice between life or death, but Bella is set on marrying Edward. The wedding is a beautiful ceremony and they go on their honeymoon to Isle Esme, an island which Carlisle, Edward's dad had given to his wife on their wedding day.

While on honeymoon Bella falls pregnant and they both have to return home because a vampire and a human having a baby is just unheard of, no one knows whether it will be born human or vampire. Also Bella could be in great danger.

The Twilight Saga is my favourite book series ever because it isn’t like any other vampire book and the vampires in it aren’t like the stereotypical blood drinking vampires we think of. It’s a great read and I know people think Twilight is mostly for girls because of the love story element but boys would also enjoy it because it's full of action and there are so many different aspects to the story.

Stephanie Meyers has really made her dream come alive.

RATING: 100/10

Jessica Baxter (14)