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The Fabulous Four Fish Fingers
by Jason Beresford

Author: Jason Beresford
RRP: £5.99

The main characters of the story are Bel, Ruby, Gary and Morris. Bel is scared of rabbits, Ruby is just ordinary, Gary feels that he is more important than girls and Morris is a bit grouchy. 

Bel, Ruby, Gary and Morris named themselves the fish fingers. When they rescued Cyril the elf's teddy he granted them a wish and they wished for superpowers. Jumper Jack Flash and The Panteater break out of jail and start stealing sweets. But the Fabulous Four Fish Fingers are ready.

I liked it when Jumper Jack Flash stole sweets because it produced a mystery. I liked it when the Fabulous Four Fish Fingers had to fight the baddies because sometimes the Fabulous Four Fish Fingers were winning. I liked it when the bad guys were pulling up to their secret hideout. My favourite part was when the school children were auditioning for a talent show. I didn’t like it when Ruby chewed her finger nails because it was gross.

The story made me feel excited to turn the page. I wanted to sit and read the whole book in one go! Iearnt that when it is 5 o'clock in England it is 3 o'clock in Australia. The story made me think about Marvel, DC Superheroes and crime (mystery) movies.

Caleb Joshua Perkins (10)