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A Trick of the Dark
by B.R. Collins

Author: B.R. Collins
RRP: £6.99

A trick of the dark is a heart breaking supernatural story about a brother and sister who move to France. A rebellious Zach enters a derelict building he has been warned to stay away from. Annis his sister follows him and witnesses some very weird scenes that leave her in tears and running for help for apparently no reason as Zach catches up with her totally unharmed. Things become weirder for the pair when a black shadow starts to follow Zach they soon get rid of him. But the shadow leaving seems to be the worst thing that could happen. The story ends when Annis comes to the horrible realization that killing him might just be the only option.

Zach is rebellious and seems to be a total douche bag but when we learn the reason to his attitude are opinion on him changes as we realize he is just lost and blaming himself for his parents mistakes. Annis is really brave and would rather die then hurt her brother she is trying to keep her family together and getting no thanks for it.

My favorite part is when Annis faces up to her fears and trys to save her brother no matter how much it was hurting her. I didn't like when the mum found the pair of them in England and screams at Annis as though everything was her fault when in fact i think it was the mums.

The story made me laugh and it made me cry, it had me glancing around in paranoid fear but most of all this story changed the way i looked at life.


Tia Flanagan (13)