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Love on the Lifts
by Rachel Hawthorne

Author: Rachel Hawthorne

This novel is for those seeking a romantic story that will give them hope that love really exists and contradict the typical stereotype that suggests all guys are jerks! Also, this tale will provide an important lesson of life: sometimes things don't work out as you planed but better than you could've imagined!

This story begins when Kate's aunt invited her and two friends, Leah and Allie to a Condo in Snow Angel Valley. Meanwhile, Aunt Sue invites Kate's brother, Sam, and his two friends, Joe and Brad, to come for break and stay in the same condo. Aunt Sue is an adult that Kate respects and looks to for answers in this coming-of-age story. Aunt Sue has never married, but she always has a new, young boyfriend. In Snow Angel Valley, Aunt Sue rents condos and operates a bookstore/hot-chocolate cafe. Several of the book's chapters take place in this bookstore/cafe setting. Kate has a huge crush on Brad, who ignores her. Meanwhile, Joe becomes interested in Kate. Kate's friend, Allie, pairs up with Kate's brother, Sam. Brad moves out to another girl's condo, while Leah pairs up with one of the ski instructors. So, what will Kate do and what choices will she make?

This book aroused a variety of feelings in me, such as, thrill, happiness, disappointment, and love. When I first began reading this book I liked that Rachel Hawthorne's style of writing was easy to follow. Then, while getting to know Katie, I felt I could understand what she was going through probably because our age range is close. Later, as the action began to take place and the guys came into the picture, thrill overcame me. Finally, towards the ending when Katie realizes who her true love is, I felt love and happiness for her. In conclusion, this book is a romantic tale that will surely send shivers up and down your spine, particularly if you are a girl between the ages of thirteen to nineteen.

Mariya Lysenko (13)