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by Anthony McGowan

Author: Anthony McGowan
RRP: £6.99

The main characters are Nicky and Kenny, who are brothers, the good guys of the story. Nicky is the older brother and more responsible, Kenny is younger and “simple” meaning he needs lots of extra care.

Kenny wakes Nicky up to go down to the Copse (a kind of wood). He says he wants to play with the badgers. When they arrive, Jezbo, Rich and Rob (the bad guys of the story) are there with their dogs. They then start to dig out the badgers with some spades. Kenny is unaware of what they will do when they find the badgers; he still thinks they are going to play with them. They eventually dig out the badgers and set their dogs on them. Only one of the dogs survives the fight with the old male but eventually they get away.

I enjoyed reading this book because it was like an escape and how I imagine things could happen, even though it is a bit sad in parts, the badgers getting dug out and Kenny not realising what is happening. Perhaps it is more for younger readers than me because it is a basic story line.


Jack (14) from Children Will Shine Peterborough