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The Episode of the Sparrows
by Rumer Godden

Author: Rumer Godden
RRP: £7.99

This book is about a girl called Olivia who was growing up in post-Blitz London. Olivia decided to make a garden in one of the bombed-out sections in her neighbourhood.

Lovejoy Masenthe is the neighbourhood waif whose dream it is to have a flower garden in the midst of a bombed-out Catholic churchyard. Lovejoy has been left with strangers by her mother, who followed a career on stage. Lovejoy pursues her obsession helped by two other street urchins one willingly and one not. (Olivia calls the neighbourhood children, "sparrows".)

Olivia's sister, Angela Clesney of Goden Committee and the rich people are sure that the gang of boys from rundown Catford Street must be to blame. They no longer have a perimeter iron fence to protect their gardens from poor children ...

Lovejoy steals a packet of seeds from a poor child, she discovers gardening and how things grow.

The book deals with issues like abandoned children, unfit mothers and gangs. The book tells of young sparrow-like children and the streets they live on. It’s an enjoyable book to read.


Sophie May Hopkins (16)