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The Mediator
by Meg Cabot

Author: Meg Cabot
RRP: £5.99

The Mediator is about a girl called Susannah Simon (called Suze by friends)  and she is a mediator. In other words, a link between the dead and the living. She moves to California to start a new life- no ghosts, graveyards, or rituals of any type- but finds a ghost called Jesse living in her bedroom. He's not the problem. Heather, another ghost, is. She's hell bent on getting revenge on her living ex boyfriend, and Susannah happens to be in the way...

My favourite part of the story is when Suze punches Heather in the face because after getting to know her, you'll agree with me that she so deserved it. I didn't like it when Suze argues with Jesse because they make a really good team.

The story was absolutely amazing and captivating for me, as I'm the type of person who's interested in ghosts and the supernatural. Some bits were really scary, but there's a lot of humour to compensate for those heart-stopping moments.

I definitely think I learned something from the story: Don't mess with ghosts!

Jasmin (13)