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The Divide
by Elizabeth Kay

Author: Elizabeth Kay

Although this book hasn't received the kind of critical acclaim and global limelight that many other books have, it is well deserved of it. The world in which it is set is genius, right down to the very last detail. The idea is that you can transport to an entirely different earth where magic and science are flipped in their state of reality whilst laying on the great divide (where water is separated to flow to either the pacific or Atlantic ocean). Felix is the main character and he finds himself accidentally transported across worlds due to a deadly heart condition that made it possible.

You will find yourself immersed in the many mystical wonders that present themselves throughout the book, mostly derived from common myth and engrossed in the story of how Felix comes to terms with his new environment and his quest to get back home. However, when tight relations form between him and other worldly beings, will he want to leave it all behind? After all, he has no idea how long he'll live with his serious condition, and the cure for it could lie in this world.

From beginning to end, it is a gripping story, rife with action, emotion and drama. I thoroughly recommend this book, and it's two sequels, as it has never reached the recognition it has deserved and is a dreadful missed opportunity to all those who haven't heard of it and perhaps never will.

Jack Mackey (15)