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by Malorie Blackman

Author: Malorie Blackman
RRP: £6.99

Its just your average Friday night. Then the police show up… That’s the first two lines of the blurb. That’s how Malorie Blackman wrapped me around her little finger before I even opened the book!

Elliot thinks his Mum’s job is so boring but then his uncle comes around with a strange game and tries to persuade his Mum to do something and Elliot gets suspicious. When his Mum and uncle get caught on CCTV breaking into Shelby’s Elliot gets scared. He thinks the footage had to be doctored and then his mum confirms over a phone call it is fake. Elliot and his friends go through an adventure of secrets and lies to find the truth of who did break in and who doctored the footage. Disaster strikes when they find betrayal in the group and lies build the suspense to make it sound truth.

The book has you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. I like how it is written, its like a jigsaw, they need to crack a code to find the answer, but one piece that you put in goes somewhere else and you need to start again. There are funny bits, sad bits and suprising bits that add together to make the book perfect. I also like how there is danger at every corner, take a false move and you're out.

soren wasley (10)