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Yellow Submarine
by N/A (film interpretation)

Author: N/A (film interpretation)
RRP: £6.99

Having seen the film and thoroughly enjoyed it- so much so that I'd rank it among my top 5, I think the book definitely captures the essence of this revolutionary masterpiece. It contains key quotes, plot points and illustrations reflecting the film's psychedelic brilliance and would be enough to give people an impression of how the Beatles represented the communal ethos of the era.

As far as the plot is concerned, it is beautifully simplistic with a clear struggle between protagonists (the Beatles) and antagonists (the blue meanies) in which the forces of good prevail. In many ways, the book would appeal to both adults and younger children due to the fact that it conveys messages of a deep and meaningful significance, wrapped in the sweet and simple sentiment that kids love. In addition, the prominence of an almost idiosyncratic sense of humor will be sure to tickle the likes of any generation.

So although I recommend watching the film for a fuller understanding of its legacy, this book should be sufficient in portraying it. An essential piece of literature in terms of what it stands for, yellow submarine is well worth the read.

Jack Mackey (15)