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Frost Hollow Hall
by Emma Carroll

Author: Emma Carroll
RRP: £6.99

Two grieving mothers, two restless ghosts, only one solution...
Set in 1881, Frost Hollow Hall tells the story of teenage Tilly Higgins, who happens to owe her life to Will Potter, the butcher's son.
But a troubled ghost is in need of Tilly's help, the ghost of a boy who never died properly. Her only hope of helping him is to get a job at his old family home, Frost Hollow Hall. But she's been caught trespassing, twice, so jetting a job isn't going to be easy.
Then Will saves her life yet again so now just looking him in the eye is virtually impossible.
But the ghost is desperate. He comes to Tilly in her dreams, a beautiful angel, and there's a ghost at the Hall but it's spiteful and angry. It creeps up on the maids at night and smashes china. This can't be the same ghost.
Can Tilly put things right and find out who the two ghosts are, before the Lord of the Hall destroys them both?
A haunting ghost tale of courage and loyalty, love and lies.A really brilliant read for anyone aged 10 - 14.
Molly Stoddart (13)