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The Imagination Box
by Marrtyn Ford

Author: Marrtyn Ford

It's about this box with the power to create whatever you think of. Imagine the endless things you could create a miniature monkey, bouncy jam ... let your imagination go wild. Tim is adopted by Elisa and Chris and lives in the Dawn Star Hotel, as there are thousands of rooms Tim sneaks into the room number 19 where Professor Eienstone is working. Undoubtedly he goes in....the Professor teaches him how to use the tdacd (the imagination box) for short.

The professor and Tim become best of friends and he is ought to fly to Germany to build a new imagination box but before he goes Tim creates his very own imagination box to keep at home.he promises Tim that he will say goodbye but he doesn't so Tim knows there's something up!!!.... he is on the mission to find out what happened to him......

The book is full of action, adventure and suspense, it a must read (Plus there are two books after this, what a trilogy!)

Thomas Williams (9)