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Goth Girl the Ghost of a Mouse
by Chris Riddell

Author: Chris Riddell
RRP: £10.99

Goth girl is a very funny book and is very hard to put down! This is my first Chris Riddell book and I have absolutely fallen in love with it!! I love the way he writes, with so much humour and there are funny illustrations almost on every page, this book is one of the best books I have come across!!! One of my of my favourite quotes from the book comes very early on when he is explaining footnotes. "This book contains footnotes by the severed foot of a famous writer who lost the aforementioned foot at the battle of baden-baden-wurttemberg-baden."

Anyway this book is about a girl called Ada, who is brought up by a father who thinks "children should be heard and not seen". Ada's mother died when she was young. Her father who has never got over her mother's death, does not like to see Ada as it reminds him of his dead wife, and forces Ada to wear big clumpy boots, so he can hear her coming and head off the other way! The story really gets going when her father hosts an annual party and hunt, Ada and the Attic Club (people who work for Lord Goth) are suspicious that Maltravers, the indoor games keeper, is up to something, can Ada figure out what?

I think this book would suit 9-12 yr olds. I would recommend this for people who like funny, light reads!

Nur Abdulla (10)