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Stick Dog Dreams of Ice Cream
by Tom Watson

Author: Tom Watson
RRP: £6.22

This is a story about a dog called Stick Dog and his pals, Poo Poo, Stripes, Mutt and Karen.  It is a scorching day and the dogs are feeling really hot.  They need a drink. They live by a creek but the water is horrible so they go on an adventure to find something to cool them down.  First, they find an air conditioning unit but get shooed out of the house by humans.  Next, they find a sprinkler but they think it's a snake so they run away from it.  Lastly, they find an ice cream van, but how will they get in?  That's for you to read!  But it involves see-saws, babies and police men!

My favourite character is Poo Poo because he was all about food and was a little bit stupid at times.  Karen was also funny, interrupting Stick Dog with her favourite flavours of ice cream: "'It's the brown one.  That's my favourite' she said.  'My mind changed back again.  Just thought you should know'."  I liked it when a baby looked into the van and shouted 'woggy, woggy WOGGY' getting louder each time she said it. 

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes dogs and ice cream!  It made me chuckle and was easy to read.  The illustrations are good because they look like a child has drawn them.  I think 6-8 year olds will find it hilarious but if you're older it will still make you laugh.  

Barney Thornton (8)