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Mr Gum and the Dancing Bear
by Andy Stanton

Author: Andy Stanton
RRP: £2.99

This book is really good.  The main characters are called Old Granny, Mr Gum, Alan Taylor, Polly, Friday O Leary and Billy William III.  I like Alan Taylor because he is a tiny headmaster who is made of gingerbread and he is funny.

Polly meets a bear and makes friends with it.  Mr Gum is preparing a secret hideout and is planning to make the bear leave town, Lamonic Bibber.  Mr Gum fails.  My favourite part of the story is when Billy William messes around when Mr Gum tries to tell him to do something.  It makes me laugh a lot because the narrator talks nonsense and uses not real words like 'she was covered in scratches and bits of potato 'n' donkey yum-yum, but otherwise she seemed to be unharmed'!

This book made me feel amazed that the writer can make it this funny. It is much, much, much funnier than a clown!  I think anyone who likes crazy books and funny stuff would like this book.

Elias Thornton (6)