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Rosie Goes to War
by Alison Knight

Author: Alison Knight
RRP: £7.99

Rosie is a typical fifteen-year-old teenager! She loves nothing more than having a gossip with her friends and buying the latest gadgets and gizmos! She despises visiting her Gran's house though; she'd much rather be somewhere a little less boring! But one day while at her Gran's house, she discovers something a little more interesting! An old, rustic suitcase!
She searches through it, and to her amazement, it is filled with beautiful vintage clothes, which were hidden deep inside her Grandmother's house.
She tries a few of them on, and is suddenly cast back into the same house, but in a place polluted with war... Where is she? How did she get here?
Will she learn to live in a war-torn London and will she ever escape?
"Maybe tonight I'll find out how to get back to my old life and this will all seem like a dream."

This amazing book certainly left me feeling hungry for more. I couldn't put it down! Filled with twists and revelations and hints of how it felt to be in the war. Alison Knight has a very clever writing style, including funny aspects and certainly laugh out loud moments! A great read for a history and humour lover! This book fed my brain with an array of historical, hilarious and adventurous elements, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a stunning book to read! :)

Lucy Underwood (13)