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The Recruit
by Neelima Maieshah (14)

Author: Neelima Maieshah (14)
RRP: £4.96 (Amazon)

I love this book! It's all about a young boy named James Adams who, after a brief stay in a care home, finds himself on campus for kid agents. It is a similar version of M15 but their agents are replaced with kids! Just like it says on the books "Criminals never suspect kids are spying on them". For official purpose the kids do not exist and have multiple identities to protect their real self.

Throughout the series James has to disperse drug rings and terrorist attacks but to be classified as an agent he has to complete his Basic Training. However unlike its name, the course isn't that basic! James has to go to a different country and learn a new language to complete the course and only then will he be allowed to go to missions. As his first mission he has to foil the biggest terrorist massacre in British history. Will he be able to prove to everyone that he is an efficient agent or will his training be for nothing? Find out in The Recruit, the first book in the Cherub Series written by Robert Muchamore.

Neelima Maieshah (14)

About Neelima Maieshah (14)

Ever since I was seven I enjoyed reading. However, recently I've been hooked on adventure, action and thriller genres. I get hooked to them because they create such vivid scenes in my head. I get so into the book that I forget about my surroundings. It has happened before that I've been so into the book that I completely ignored everyone around me and they only got my attention when they snatched my book away. I would be lying if I said I wasn't quite annoyed to be interrupted while reading.