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Rebel Of The Sands
by Alwyn Hamilton

Author: Alwyn Hamilton
RRP: £7.99

Rebel of the sands is such a magical yet fast-paced book because of the unimaginable creatures as well as relatable rebellious characters in this book.
It is a cross-over between the wild west as well as the Arabian nights, a story with a 16-year-old girl named Amani, but in times she can be known as the Blue-eyed Bandit. When her life is shielded in Dust Walk, she exceeds her boundaries into becoming the leader of a rebellion. With the dessert aiding her along the way with her excellent gun shooting skills, Amani is ready to conquer anything but with precious sacrifices and magical creatures like the Buraqui or Djinnis. In this troubled time she meets Jin and many secrets are yet to be veiled...

The author has been so succinct in the way she wants to present her characters that I as a reader can imagine and live the story, travelling many nights with Amani then, abruptly rolling in the sand covered in dust and blood, pausing for a moment to make a decision that will decide how the story will go and feeling emotions which you would have never felt before, which is the magic of reading book. I definitely love the way the author (Hamilton), carries the story from different atmospheres.

It is definitely wild but magic at the same time plus this book is vivid, romantic and filled with loads of sand. My favourite part is when she enters Deadshot where everything is violent and Amani disguised as a boy performs her skills with a gun and that is also where she meets Jim, my second favourite character. The connection between them is also exciting to read.

Even though it has been over several months since I read this book, the story, the dessert and the characters are still remembered in me.Since it is such an amazing book, the new Traitor to the throne has been released as its sequel, which I have only started.So, make sure you read Rebel of the sands to enter a powerful yet calm desert within you. Enjoy!

Harnie (13)