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The Scarecrow And His Servant
by Phillip Pullamn

Author: Phillip Pullamn
RRP: £6.99

This book is full of lots of exciting adventures, within every paragraph and chapter! Now try to picture this scene in your head… you’re walking down to school with your Mum or Dad and a turnip- headed scarecrow, just happens to be walking along the very, opposite path!
You tell your parent what you have just experienced across the road, and this is what they say, “Oh stop, you’re full of baloney!”

The parents are wrong in this case because what you’ve just witnessed is for real.
I have lots of ‘laughing your guts out’ things to tell you in this review but I’m afraid if I write each and every single one in detail, you will fall down on the floor and roll with laughter.

The scarecrow comes to life after being hit by lightning. Tough to believe I know, but, this pea-brained, turnip headed live scarecrow has a faithful HUMAN SERVANT named Jack. This is a story about their weird but close friendship and their adventurous journey to Spring Valley together.

I found it very hilarious when the scarecrow falls in love with a broom stick and he told Jack about this all-night long. Jack gets very irked and amused at the same time.

I would like to give this book 5 stars.

This is a funny book NOT TO MISS.

Rhea Joy (8)