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The Midnight Gang
by David Walliams

Author: David Walliams
RRP: £12.99

George is a greedy boy who loves his chocolate. Sally is very ill but she has big dreams. Robin had to have eye operations so he can't see. Amber is the boss but she has to have her assistants to push the wheelchair and last but not least, Tom (he is the newbie at the hospital).

The story is about the child patients. Every midnight the gang go round the hospital to for fill their wildest dreams but you can only have an adventure if you are in the gang and with the porters help the dreams come true!

My favourite parts were the flying naked Nelly, Raj and his popadoms and Sally's BIG dream because they are all humorous but Sally's dream make your heart melt.

I found it extremely hard to pick my favourite part but it has to be Sally's dream.

I didn't dislike any of the book: I was more intrigued by every word.

The story made me feel many emotions including sad, happy and disgusting.

Many bits were funny but only the first impression of the porter was scary really

You can learn loads from this story. I advise it for 7+ because some bits are trickier than others. So for me, it's a fabulous read. PLEASE DO READ IT!


Imogen Dilks-Howell (10)