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Looking for Alaska
by John Green

Author: John Green
RRP: £7.99

Looking for Alaska is a book written by New York Times bestselling author, John Green.
Miles Halter is a young teen obsessed with memorising last people's words, his favourite being the Renaissance writer Francois Rabelais' last words: "I go to seek a great perhaps." Having heard the various stories of his father's time at Culver Creek boarding school, Miles sets off to Culver Creek in search of his 'great perhaps'. Here he meets his new room mate "the colonel" and the gorgeous but emotionally unstable Alaska Young.
That was before, and then there was after.
And so starts a fantastic story of friendship, love, pranks and teenage drama.
People say that high-school is the best years of your life, well I think that that saying is best captured in the story Green tells in these short pages. Looking for Alaska is written in an interesting style, it is very personal to the character and so becomes very personal with the reader. I think that this book is a great introduction the the adult world and emphasises the greatness and invincibility of teenage years.
This book is an emotional and genius story that I feel all teenagers should read, so they too can search for their 'great perhaps'.

Jasmine Margalit (14)