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The Story of Tracy Beaker
by Jaqueline Wilson

Author: Jaqueline Wilson
RRP: £6.99

Who are the main characters in the story?
Tracy Beacker, Peter Ingham, Justine Littlewood

What are they like?
They are all very kind and nice and friendly. They have a lot of humour.

What happens in the story?
Tracy Beacker's worst enemy is Justine Littlewood. She shares a birthday with Peter Ingham. Tracy did have a best friend called Louise but Louise went off with Justine Littlewood. 

Which parts did you like and why?
I liked the part when Tracy punched Justine in the nose.

Do you have a favourite part?
I really like how Tracy and Peter both share a birthday.

Which parts didn't you like and why?
I liked everything, there is nothing I didn't like.

How did the story make you feel?
The story made me happy and cheerful.

What did the story make you think about?
It made me think about friendship and family and love.

Did you learn anything from the story?
I learnt that Tracy shares a birthday with Peter.

Frankie Coveney (The County High School, Cheshire) (16)