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We are Giants
by Amber Lee Dodd

Author: Amber Lee Dodd
RRP: £6.99

'We Are Giants' is about two girls, Jade and Sydney, whose mum has dwarfism. For Sydney this is a big issue because she doesn't want to grow taller than her mum who is the perfect size of four feet tall. They have to move house and which upsets Sydney as her old house reminds her of her dad who passed away and was also the same size as her mum. This book is about love, family and friendship.

I enjoyed the part when Sydney woke up in the night to find her sister, Jade missing. She had gone to hang out with her friends down the road in a shed which had been set alight and they were trapped! Could Sydney rescue them with the help of her mum? My other favourite part was when Jade dyed her hair pink and gets into trouble!

This story was heart-warming and I learnt that many people can be nasty about certain things in life, like when their mum was referred to as a "dwarf from Snow White". This book raises serious issues and how one family dealt with them.

Dodd has written this book in an inspiring way and I am glad I read it! I recommend it for girls and boys of the age 11+.

Safiyah Mahmood (12)