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The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Time
by Mark Haddon

Author: Mark Haddon

Who are the main characters in the story?
A boy called Christopher, his mum and his dad.

What are they like?
Christopher has autism and can get very sad or angry, but finds most things hard. His mum and dad have split up.

What happens in the story?
It starts with Christopher finding his next-door neighbour’s dog dead. The police come. It’s basically a murder mystery but about a dog instead of a person. He has to go on a big adventure to find his mum.

Which parts did you like and why?
I like the part when he is on the journey to find his mum because it allows you to see into the mind of someone with autism.

Do you have a favourite part?
When he gets a new pet at the end.

Which parts didn’t you like and why?
I didn’t like the start as it is a bit sad.

How did the story make you feel?
Excited and sad because it felt as if you were going on the adventure with him.

What did the story make you think about?
It made me think about what my brother thinks about as he is autistic.

Did you learn anything from the story?
How people feel when people are upset or what people with disabilities feel like.

Holly Hamlett-Orme (11)