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by Lissa Price

Author: Lissa Price

Who are the main characters in the story?
Callie is a young girl who is desperate for food for her younger brother Michael.

What are they like?
Callie is sensible and thinks ahead. She’s constantly on the run from Renegades, so she can think fast when in danger.

What happens in the story?
Callie’s desperate for food and a safe home for her family. She goes to Prime Destinations; she gives her body away completely incapable of controlling her body for a month! However, something goes wrong and Callie finds herself stuck with a Renter who wants revenge.

Which parts did you like and why?

I enjoyed the part where Callie enters the Body Bank as it’s so pristine compared to the outside.

Which parts didn’t you like and why?
I didn’t like the part where Callie was holding a gun as it was worrying what would happen.

How did the story make you feel?
It made me feel on edge and tense because of all the danger around every corner.

Were there funny and scary bits?
There were many scary bits which are good as it keeps the reader interested.

What did the story make you think about?
It made me think about what would happen if our country had another war.

Did you learn anything from the story?
It wasn’t extremely educational but did tell you to always be careful in scary situations.

Jasmine (The County High School) (12)