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Heroes of Olympus The Son of Neptune
by Rick Riordan

Author: Rick Riordan
RRP: £5.99

"Thanatos is shackled up in Alaska!" exclaimed the War God Mars. In the book Gaia the earth goddess has captured Thanatos. Thanatos is the god that sends escaping souls back to the underworld. Percy and his friends Frank, Hazel and Percy are all demigods. They are going on a death defying quest to free Thanatos.

This is the most exciting book I've read so far by Rick Riordan. He makes it more thrilling by introducing lots of Greek and Roman gods in the book. I think this book is so gripping that it was difficult to put down. One of my favourite scenes is when Percy loses his memory and goes to Camp Jupiter where he needs to makes life or death decision to drink gorgon blood. He is the son of Poseidon. He makes friends with Hazel and Frank. Then Mars the god of war tells them that Gaia is attacking. She has captured Thanatos!

In every Percy Jackson book, there is an arch enemy. This time it's the big giant Alcyoneus who can't be killed in his birth terrain. He is the son of Gaia. He is watching Thanatos. Polybetes, his brother attacks Camp Jupiter. It's up to Frank, Hazel and Percy to use their abilities and weapons to stop Polybetes and Alcyoneus. They especially have to free Thanatos.

I learnt all about the Greek Gods in the book and also in the previous ones. I can't wait till I read the next book I recommend this book to someone who likes mythology and quest stories.

Dhruv Wadehra (8)