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Lord Of The Flies
by William Golding

Author: William Golding

" Beautifully written, tragic and provocative." - E. M. Forster.
Such high remarks by a truly marvelous writer. I must agree to this truth, this undeniable truth that will forever be attached to this masterpiece of academic and literary importance. Yet, it lacks full understanding - not demonstrating Lord Of The Flies exemplary significance to the maturing of minds of adolescence and the analyses by the old that make it so loved and treasured.

A plane crashes into a lush green island. And from it, emerge a group of boys. Littluns and biguns. The story begins with a boy with fair hair, lowering himself down to a lagoon. Here, the boy encounters another of his kind - a fat, later to be known intelligent, boy who bears the curse of “ass-mar” and the reliance of spectacles. Of course, they exchange names - the fair one being Ralph, the overly large being “Piggy”.

As the duo wander around in search for other possible survivors, they discover a conch. Piggy, being the intellectual he is, asks Ralph to blow it. After he does so, littluns and a choir that followed suit of Merridew (the head of the choir), enter into the clearing that was the lagoon. Requiring a chief, an election is called upon and Ralph wins by majority vote. From this moment onwards the group becomes a civilization.

Being a civilization isn’t easy, as Ralph comes to know. First you have to have food, then shelter, and finally FIRE. Fire equals food. Fire - causing smoke - is essential to go back home. Smoke alerts nearby ships. Nearby ships can take them back home. Ralph’s frail conscience is held together by this simple, primitive, vital philosophy. However, as history has come to announce so proudly many times, civilizations eventually disintegrate. This fall comes in the form of rebels and war - both infamous in the death of empires. Due to spoilers, I cannot disclose the story further.

However, I am permitted to give my opinion. Lord Of The Flies, being the pièce de résistance it is, is by far one of the best novels that I have ever had the chance to encounter. Portraying the thoughts of individual characters and using vocabulary that fits the context - oh such a magnificent work by William Golding. This excellent literature consists of academic gold that ensures the success of many who study the text today. I absolutely love it! I would rate it 10/10 in terms of vocab, plot and overall storytelling.

Taha Saeed Warraich (12)