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The Magic Faraway Tree
by Enid blighton

Author: Enid blighton

I like this book because it's full of excitement and mysterious adventures. There are 4 children in this story Joe, Beth, Franny and their cousin Rick. It's all starts off when Rick comes to stay with the others, the other children show Rick the enchanted woods and the faraway tree. Rick does not believe them at first but when he goes up the tree he realises how much magic there is up there. They are not the only people that visit the tree some weird people live in the tree these are; silky (she's a kind hearted fairy with long silky hair), moonface ( the man with a round face), saucepan man ( he's deaf and he's covered in pots and pans that clank everywhere he goes), mr whatshisname ( no one knows his name, not even himself and he sleeps a lot), the angry pixie ( he throws water at the children whenever they look into his house) and dame washalot ( she always washes and she throws the dirty wash water down the tree). There are many adventures at the top of the tree that change each day such as take what you want land, toy land, topsy turvy land etc.. There are two other follow on books which I also love but this is the best one. Thanks for reading my review

Ellie Walsh (10)