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The scarecrows wedding
by Julia Donaldson

Author: Julia Donaldson

This book is about Betty O'Barley and Harry O'Hay they are scarecrows that want to marry. They made a list of things they needed for the wedding - white feathers to make Betty's dress, shells for a necklace, pink flowers, bells and two rings. They got feathers from pretty white geese, and the spider offered to knit the feathers together. They got the bells from the brown and white cows. They got shells from the crab. The rats found old curtains rings they used for wedding rings. The last thing they needed was some pink flowers, so Harry went to find some, he went up a steep road with a toad to find them but it took along time so he had a sleep. The farmer made a new scarecrow that's wasn't very good and started a fire and Harry put out the fire just in time with the water from the flowers and then they got married. I loved this book because it rhymed and the scarecrows lived happily ever after. Thanks for reading my review Lexi Walsh age 5

Lexi Walsh (5)