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The Bad Beginning
by Lemony Snicket

Author: Lemony Snicket
RRP: £6.99

Lemony Snicket has brought you the one of the dreadful books you have ever read!

Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire have had a very unfortunate event in their lives. Their parents have died in a tragic fire. Not knowing what to do next, the Baudelaire siblings go to their 'closest' relative, Count Olaf.
They have to survive through chores, lumpy beds, cold porridge for breakfast and dreadful plays that ARE real.
My favourite part was when Violet objected in the middle of 'The Marvellous Marriage' that she had signed the contract wrong, because you have to sign it with the hand you always write with, which was her right, but she signed it with her left. But this is were the twist comes in. Count Olaf wanted them in the play to get Violet to be bride and he could get his hands on the Baudelaire Fortune.

The 3 Children have survived all of the above, but can you? Find out what happens next in book 2...
The Reptile Room

Alyssa Dixon (9)