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Ruby Redfort - Feel the Fear
by Lauren Child

Author: Lauren Child
RRP: £6.99

Who are the main characters in the story?

The main characters in this story are the main character, Ruby Redfort, Clancy and Hitch. 

What are they like?

Ruby is very ambitious, and in this book (the 4th in the series), she feels no fear. Clancy is her best friend and can easily keep secrets. It seems that Hitch is Ruby's butler but he actually turns out to be Ruby's protector while she is in Spectrum, Spectrum is a secret agency.

What happens in the story?

Ruby has to take her test to get back into Spectrum, as she was kind of kicked out a few weeks before. It is an obstical course, she tries it and think she's failed, but soon she has much worse things on her mind than that...

Which parts did you like and why?

I liked it when Ruby jumps from a cliff with a wing suit, and the wings fail, because it makes your heart stop for a second, wondering what is going to happen. Then you read on and realise just how clever the author is! 

Which parts didn't you like and why?

I didn't like any of the book - I loved it all!

How did the story make you feel?

The story made me feel amazed that someone could write like that.

Were there funny or scary bits?

There are a few scary parts, like when the actress falls from the wire, but it is also immensley funny. 

What did the story make you think about?

The story made me think about flying and invisibility because although it is very realisitc, it does have magical things in like flying and invisibility. 

Did you learn anything from the story?

All I learnt from the story is that Vigenere Cipher is rather hard to decipher!

Poppy Inglis (9)