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The 5th Wave
by Rick Yancey

Author: Rick Yancey

The 5th Wave features its' main protagonist, Cassie Sullivan, who is a regular teenager, living in America, with her parents and family, a setting that is (whilst considerably dull), also comfortable.
However, this is greatly changed when it becomes prevalent that aliens have discovered Earth and do not appear to want to coexist peacefully with humans, ensuing a multitude of waves to plague the earth, each one rapidly decreasing the global population, including Cassie's own mother.
It is a story of survival, of trust, and the importance of family.

This book had aspects that resembled the action in the maze runner books, and my favorite parts were definitely the multiple perspectives which i thought were done fabulously!

Whilst it did also incorporated some interesting twists, such as the origin of the mysterious Evan Walker, i did find the twists slightly predictable, and i thought the book could have flowed a lot more smoothly without the digressing nature of the build up Yancey created when revealing Evan's origin.

Surprisingly, i felt like i resonated with a lot of the themes in the book, as i believe many teenagers will, as, despite it focusing on aliens (which may not appear the most relatable of plots), it focused also on what it means to be a teenager, and to make decisions that have to consider people other than yourself, which i thought was really thought provoking, and i'm sure many teenagers will relate to how hard it is to understand what is the right thing to do at an age where everything seems to be changing so quickly (even without the impending threat of an alien apocalypse!).

Cassie as a protagonist is very humorous and witty in her responses, and her relationship with Evan helped to provide a lighthearted contrast to the depressing events otherwise occurring.

It made me think about what i would do if i was in Cassie's shoes, and, whilst there are a lot of things i would have done differently (such as not trusting strangers so easily!), i agreed with a lot of her decisions, which made reading the book feel like a virtual simulation of sorts.

And finally, i do think i learnt a lot from the story, i think it really honed in the point of the importance of keeping true to yourself, and your morals in the most compromising of circumstances.

Faiza Manzoor (15)