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by Claire McFall

Author: Claire McFall
RRP: £6.99

Life, Death Love- Which would you choose?

You might think this is your average love story- but this is anything but that.
Heroine Dylan is recently deceased from a train crash between Aberdeen and Glasgow, with a strange boy assisting as her 'ferryman' with the task of taking her to the other side; despite originally believing she was the only survivor, she soon learns she was the only fatality...
The journey from the wasteland to the underworld will be a desolate one, with monstrous, soul craving 'wraiths' lurking in the shadows, with danger over every hill. Before long, the two characters develop a complicated, untimely bond...

This thrilling love story by Claire McFall is moving and thought provoking, with both funny and chilling twists. Claire's interesting palettes of writing give the book many levels of creativity and emotion, with one of her biggest abilities being able to make the setting so empty yet harsh. The moods change depending on the protagonist's feelings, making the environment even more challenging than before. The author's vivid writing style gives unusual angles throughout the book and brings death to life before your eyes with the character's development over the course of the 334 pages causing you to grow an attachment to them as you see their emotions, regrets and previous experiences.

An emotional rollercoaster, this story would be recommended for those interested in love and action. As her first book, it was shortlisted for multiple awards in 2013 and given all round good reviews. It has both amusing moments and times with such real, heart-wrenching emotions that are as real as the paperback book you hold in your hands. The story has been praised for its original plot and for not having any Cliché moments in, making it surprisingly unpredictable- there is nothing to fault about the book and it leaves you hungry for more at the end.
I would recommend it to everyone, personally seeing it as one of the most romantic, emotional stories i've encountered. The story and plot remind you that you never know what can happen unless you try.

Five out of five stars. ☆☆☆☆☆

Andie Brown (14)