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Nicholas Nickleby
by Charles Dickens

Author: Charles Dickens

Nicholas Nickleby is a heart warming story about a man called Nicholas Nickleby and his life, which has its ups and downs.

When I first found out about this story I fell in love with it that I had to read the story itself. I could not put the book down, the story itself was mind blowing.
The story is about many different things, from money to an evil teacher, to friendship, to love. But most of all Nicholas's adventures and what he sees along the way.
My favorite character was, of course Smike. Smike is the best character and has such a sad tale to tell. But Nicholas shows him kindness after Smikes horrid life at the Squeers school for boys, and looks after Smike, that is a heart warming part to this story, with emotion and warmth!

The setting is old fashioned, a long time ago era.

My favorite part was when Nicholas saved Smike, and then took him on his adventure. I believe their friendship was beautiful and unforgettable!
I strongly recommend this to any Dickens fans, and that you not only see the film but read the book. It is emotional, but tells a charming story, and a story I don't think you'll ever forget!

Meghan Hoare (16)