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Young Bond Silverfin
by Charlie Higson

Author: Charlie Higson
RRP: £6.99

Silverfin is a great kid spy book very similar to CHERUB and Alex Ryder. Written by Charlie Higson, this is the story of the world's greatest spy while he was still worrying about the next exam.

There's something in loch Silverfin, something evil and deadly. During the school holidays James runs into an old enemy and makes a new friend "Red" Kelly and together they set out to discover the answer to a possible murder case and end up with the discovery of a weapon that is set to change the way warfare works forever.

This is a book set in the British school of Eton and the Scottish Highlands. Both are given a coat of realism and are home to some fleshed out characters such as: "Red" Kelly the initiator of the adventure, George Hellebore the classic bully and Wilder Lawless the free-spirited heroine.

Although this book holds a lot of fun, action and entertainment I must say that James Bond doesn't feel so much like young 007 as the twin brother of Alex Ryder. All fans of that series will definitely find something to dig their teeth into here and getting to see the first part of Bonds journey from boy to spy is a bonus.

This book is a fun and action packed read that everyone 11+ can enjoy. I rate this book 8/10, it kept me captivated and eager to find out the ending. 

Ethan Ford (14)