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Skulduggery Pleasant: The Faceless Ones
by Derek Landy

Author: Derek Landy

The two main characters of this story are Skulduggery Pleasant, a dead man, and Valkyrie Cain, a young girl who is still learning to do magic. All the characters in this book have three names: a given name, a taken name and a true name. If a person discovers your given name, he/she can control you to heed whatever they say and you will have no control of yourself. There are many types of sorcerers in the world, Valkyrie is an Elementalist in this book and Skulduggery is an Elementalist too. Valkyrie is a normal girl who happens to also lead a magical and dangerous life. Valkyrie's given name is Stephanie Edgley, and her taken name as you can see is Valkyrie Cain. Her family are clueless of the fact that there are sorcerers in the world and that Stephanie is one of them. In this story, Valkyrie faces many dangers but fortunately survives. Skulduggery Pleasant is a skeleton who has a Bentley, a car which Valkyrie is always embarrassed by. He has a bit of a temper but is a hilarious partner. The two of them are daring detectives and together they solve the most baffling mysteries and also always end up saving the world from going 'KABOOSH!' all the time.

This time, the case in their hands is about teleporter nearly becoming extinct. When there is only one teleporter left, a young, inexperienced and vulnerable boy who goes by the name Fletcher Renn,
they must protect him and also they must discover the murderer of the teleporters. At the same time, he must keep out of the Sanctuary's (the place where all the matters are handled, where all the important decisions are made and also a prison) way.

This book is so intriguing and engaging, I loved all of it and I don't have a specific part that I like best. This wonderful story has sent shivers down my spine but also made laughter escape me. It left me hanging at the end of every page and kept me reading for hours ceaselessly. This book is bursting with action and battles. I have learned many things from this book, which include being aware of everything around me and expecting anything at any time.

I hope you enjoy this book too and read the rest in the series. I recommend it to action and adventure-loving children of all ages.

Fatima Warraich (10)