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Black Butler
by Yana Toboso

Author: Yana Toboso
RRP: £6.99

This gripping manga ( Japanese comic ) is the first in the incredible series. Ciel Phantomhive is one of the main characters and he has a butler called Sebastian. They live in a manor in the city of London, and there, the 12-year-old Earl commands his loyal butler to carry out his wishes. And whatever the young master wants him to do, Sebastian will do it. Whether its serving a dinner party, tiding the manor or investigating the secrets of London, there is nothing Sebastian cannot do. Its strange... Nothing the butler cannot do... Some might say that he is too good to be true... Or too good to be human...

This manga is amazing, it is a mystery/action story, with plenty of detailed pictures. It wont take you long to read, but when you are reading it, you will love it. If you love comic books, then this is totally for you!! It builds up to a great ending, and then you have to read the rest of the books. Although it is short, the manga is incredible, gripping and super interesting.

Inside the book, there is fantastic illustrations that go along really well with the storyline. You have to read the manga right-to-left because it is Japanese!! Overall, this manga is great, and you should definitely pick up a copy.

Michaela Roper (11)