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I Funny
by James Patterson

Author: James Patterson

This is a gut-busting comedy about a handicapped teenage boy with a dream to become the world's first sit-down-stand-up comic.

After he is involved in a car crash as a young boy, his life is changed forever.With his family dead, and he himself paralysed from the waist down, he is sent to live with his aunt and uncle, or “The smiley”.His life becomes a misery of bullies and school until his other Uncle Frank gives him a job at his cafe. Here he realises his aptitude for comedy and becomes a hit with the locals.Flushed with his new-found success, he stows away to a comedy contest

I love this book because the comedy masks a more sinister message, about discrimination and friendship and love, whilst being in real time, so the reader has no idea where the plot is going.
It is also a contrast to James Patterson's other books, which are mystery and horror. This book is suitable for any age, as even younger children will understand a lot of the jokes, and there is some more advanced comedy for older readers. This makes it an entertaining read, as it is a break from serious books.

Jack Edwards (13)