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The Fault In Our Stars
by John Green

Author: John Green
RRP: £7.99

This is the absolute saddest book I have ever read !

It's about a girl called Hazel Grace Lancaster.
Hazel is a girl most girls can relate to even if she has cancer. She is sometimes a bit strange but is usually optimistic and wanting to live life to the full.

My favourite bit is when Hazel meets her favourite author as it's quite shocking and tells you that everyone has a hidden side...

My least favourite bit is the ending as it's quite depressing and just came as a complete and utter shock that no one could've prepared for...

The Fault In Our Stars made me feel grateful for what I have and that I should live life to the full as anything can happen at any time.

The funniest part is when Hazel is going to sell her swing as she has no idea how to advertise it !
The scariest bit is when something devastating happens to Hazel as it makes me think it's the end of the book...

The Fault In Our Stars made me realise just how different everyone is and how we don't always have to die a hero for everyone as sometimes the best hero we can be is for one person...

All in all, it was a tear-jerking book that I could read over and over again and would still cry. PLEASE read this if you are 12+ ! It's absolutely perfect !!
Rating out of 10: 9 as it was just a bit sad for me to give a 10. It made me cry for way too long !!!

Esther Gbadebo (12)