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by Rachel Ward

Author: Rachel Ward
RRP: £6.99

Numbers is a brilliant example of a modernised yet futuristic text. The story is about a young girl Jemma Marsh who has the ultimate powers of identifying the date in which people die by looking into their eyes, hence the name 'numbers'. However, when she falls in love with this boy Spider, she forbids herself to look into his eyes. Unfortunately, she does look into them and the date in which he will die is exposed to her and her aim is to make every day she has with him until that day perfect. Although, this proves to be a difficult task when they both are on the run for a crime they didn't commit however they were just at the wrong place at the wrong time. This book is a non-stop adventurous, heart-beating, emotional read and I highly recommend it to those who are interested in reading specifically modern/futuristic, even if your not into this style of writing, I guarantee you will enjoy this adventurous, thrilling book.

The style of the author's writing within the book is very creative and due to the creativity, the experience of the book is enhanced significantly as the book is one very bumpy journey that gets better the more you read on. I myself am a very enthusiastic, thrill-seeking reader who picks and chooses very carefully when purchasing a new book and I can easily say this was well worth my time purchasing, it has fulfilled all of my expectations, it has broadened my reading variety and has led me down a new path of reading which I would have never of discovered if it wasn't for the fantastic Rachel Ward with her thrilling 3 Book set of Numbers.

Although, when reading the book, many different ideas and morals were brought out from within, man morals that actually fit in with life such as you should never hold up your love for somebody, if your love is so strong don't hold back, go out there and love who you want to love. Also, another moral learnt is that live life to the fullest and make everyday perfect because you never know when somebody is going to live their last day, so make everyday a great one because it could be your last.

So what are you enthusiastic bunch waiting for? Get yourselves to your nearest book store and purchase this fantastically futuristic novel written by the brilliant, Rachel Ward.

Kieran Corr (14)