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My Sister Jodie
by Jacqueline Wilson

Author: Jacqueline Wilson
RRP: £6.99

Pearl and Jodie are sisters. pearl is the younger one small, shy and anxious. Jodie is bold, bash and bad. Pearl adores her.But when their parents get new jobs as a cook and caretaker at a fusty old boarding school, the sisters have to move... and everything starts to change. Jodie has always been the leader – but now it’s Pearl who’s making new friends. pearl fits in with everyone even posh teenagers at school while Jodie seems to be getting into a whole load of trouble. And when the school celebration of Firework Night comes around and a tragic event occurs, Pearl realises quite how much she does need her big sister.

In this interesting and inspiring story my favourite part would be when pearl starts to fit in with the other girls because she is the one that never fits in. The part that I didn't like was the end because it was tragic, emotional and to sudden when Jodie dies.

The beginning of the story was very happy. As the story went on it got sad and emotional but I really enjoyed it and wish to read it again. The end of the story was very interesting and was very over powering but I still enjoyed it.

This story made me think about my sisters . and how they are always with you no matter what and always go through tough times with you. Also a sister is like a best friend and you should treat them with respect even if you have argument. I learnt that you should care for your sisters or brothers and show respect to your parents.

 I think you should read this book because it is inspiring and very creative book that everyone would enjoy.

Darshika Sivakumar (11)