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Fate in the Box
by Michelle Lovric

Author: Michelle Lovric
RRP: £6.99

The book begins in Venice in the year 1783. Venice is terrorised by an Irish despot called Fogfinger. Fogfinger controls the city through his intimate knowledge of gossip and clockwork robots. Fogfinger has the rich in the palm of his hand and the poor cowering into submission. The rich let the automata do everything at night. When the slaves go out at night they wind up the machines ready for the next day.

The book is a story between two girls, one rich and one poor, whose worlds collide as they fight to save Venice from the dangerous stranger called Fogfinger. Fogfinger rules, his spies and Fogsquad are everywhere. The veterans fear him but obey him.

Every year one of their children is lost in a lambing ceremony. The child must climb the bell tower and let the fate in the box decide their destiny. Most end their days in the jaws of the primeval crocodile that lurks in the lagoon.

The book is very imaginative and the characters include a magical glass kaleidoscope, mermaids, talking statues and winged cats. The book is a classic battle of good against evil and is worth reading at whatever age. It’s a good young adult fantasy.

Teagan Pritchard (10)