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Ketchup Clouds
by Annabel Pitcher

Author: Annabel Pitcher
RRP: £6.99

Ketchup clouds is an incredible book with a beautifully structured plot and is one of the most amazing books I have ever read. It delivers warmth, honesty and anger at its best, and it makes you laugh and cry and warms your heart all at the same time.

The book follows the confessions of a young girl names Zoe Collins who is living an ordinary life until she meets Max Morgan, the first boy she falls in love with. The letters Zoe writes her confessions through direct us through her incredibly complicated love life. Zoe meets another boy soon after, Aaron, whom she has another crush on, and by some twisted, love struck fate, Aaron and Max are brothers. Navigating through the difficulties and complications whilst going through public humiliation several times, Zoe’s character symbolises courage, strength and that little love struck magic that all teenagers acquire.
Zoe later reveals her horrifying secret later in the book and the twist in the plot left me breathless, because Zoe is not the protagonist and nor is she the antagonist. Annabel Pitcher portrays her as a troubled, confused teenager in love but in fear, and the subtle hints and the true loving warmth throughout the whole book. The ending is so sweet and so sad and it will leave you in tears, as it did me, because it is truly so incredible.

This book just acquires too much passion and twisted fate to be missed so I recommend this to anyone who wants to leave with a warm feeling in their heart and tears in their eyes, because 'Ketchup Clouds’ is simply beautiful.

Charvi Jain (13)