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The Graveyard Book
by Neil Gaiman

Author: Neil Gaiman
RRP: £6.99

How do you make ‘Jungle Book’, one of the most beloved books of all time, fresh and new and exciting? You tell it with ghosts instead of animals.

When a very small child wanders into a graveyard one night he is adopted by an elderly couple who name him Nobody ‘Bod’ Owens. Oh, and they happen to be ghosts.

Bod is guided through life by the silky and charming Silas, the gruff yet compassionate Miss Lepescu and the beautiful ghost of the witch Elizabeth Hempstock. Bod encounters ghouls and the Sleer and all the while being secretly pursued by a shadowy figure from his past, the Man Jack.

Author Neil Gaiman’s distinctive style talks to the readers as companions through this strange and mysterious world. Rich and descriptive language paints powerful images and exciting and bizarre characters that immediately exist in your imagination. Once you pick it up it's hard not to put it down, if only because you want to spend more time with the people you meet inside. When things get dangerous or scary you really care about what happens to everybody. And you will be very much afraid of the monsters within. Good thing they’re locked away inside!

Told as a series of adventures throughout Bod’s childhood The Graveyard Book is full of mystery, friendship, romance, heart and warmth. It is, at its core, about what it means to belong and to grow up. Of course you can’t have a book about ghosts and ghouls without some horror. This book will make you grip the pages a little tighter and keep you glancing over your shoulder to see what might be lurking behind you. In places it may be a little scary for younger readers.

The Graveyard Bbook reminds us that families are all rather odd until you get to know and love them.

Rob Harding (Young Writers Editor) ()