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The Jewel
by Amy Ewing

Author: Amy Ewing
RRP: £7.99

                                                                 "Auctioned as a surrogate
                                          Imprisoned in the palace of the Duchess of the Lake
                                         Destined to carry the child of a women she despises"
The dystopian world Violet lives in engulfs her body, shuns righteousness and destroys almost every speck of true happiness a human may encounter.

Born in a loving family, though Violet may not have every luxury, let alone need fulfilled she is happy to be where she is - until an exasperating blood test declares her to be a unique surrogate... Since that blood test when Violet was 12 her life went on, however, it was not her life at all, it was the life she was forced to live. Taken away from her family, given sweet luxuries, which only emphasised more that she was "trapped in a living death". The time finally came; she was no longer Violet Lasting, from the day of the Auction she was known as LOT 197. Being bought by the Duchess of the Lake, living in The Jewel, and being expected to carry the daughter of the Duchess of the Lake. Where has Violet Lasting truly gone? "She fights to hold on to her identity and sanity, uncertain of the fate of her friends, isolated and at the mercy of the Duchess" Everyday of Violet's life at the House of the Lake, she learns more of the horrific type of things people do in The Jewel. Then one day, a little rebellious accident happens; she meets another captive - Ash, the elegant royal companion, hired by the Duchess for her niece. Ash and Violet have so much in common, and with both their lives possessed by the wicked royals they are the only sign of happiness for each other, but will they ever be safe being around each other? It is forbidden. Utterly forbidden. Innocent people are used and even killed by these impure royals. Ash and Violet are just like the several other "puppets in the deadly game"... but will these puppets survive? The mutiny has begun.

Honestly, the moment I started reading The Jewel I could not put it down; I just wanted to know more, read more and read more and then I got to the end. Now, I just cannot wait to read The White Rose (sequel of The Jewel). Literally, you will be tightly holding onto this novel until you have finished it, The Jewel is that astounding! Amy Ewing - author has a very skilled way of writing which just makes you want to continue reading and reading. If you are a fan of dystopian stories, a little bit of romance, beauty, mystery and definitely 'a fight for the right', then The Jewel is certainly the book for you. I guarantee, you will be walking into a divergent world where you will be intrigued, interested and most definitely astonished.

Furthermore, I would recommend this book to the age 13+ and would give it a 10/10. I cannot express any further how much I love this novel, now you will just have to read it and experience the world of Violet Lasting yourself.

Sehr Shahid (14)