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The Repossession
by Sam Hawksmoor

Author: Sam Hawksmoor
RRP: £6.99

Its about a girl who has a gift but her mother gets persuaded by the towns reverend that she is possessed by the devil, her mother then locks her in her room with nothing but a bed for the summer while followers of the church come everyday and abuse her, mentally, verbally and physically. Before she was locked up, she met a boy, whom she had fell in love with but lost contact with him when she was jailed into the confinements of her room.

The boy has been taking care of his mother because she previously broke both her legs in a car crash. However, once he hears about what is happening to his girlfriend, he starts to devise a plan with his best friend and neighbor to break her out and run away.

The boy sets the girl free, but it is no happy ending for them, their story is just beginning as they run into an old man with a farm who helps them to discover many dark secrets about their past lives.
Meanwhile, 34 children have been going missing from this small town with no trace left behind and the old man has a wild theory as to where they are going, that might just be crazy enough to be true.

Wild! Intriguing! Fantastic! Gripping! The first book of the trilogy by Sam Hawksmoor.

Kia Khan (15)