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The lady in the tower!
by Marie-Louise Jensen

Author: Marie-Louise Jensen
RRP: £4.49 (WHSmith)

Marie-Louise Jensen is one of my favourite authors as she has a great writing style. her books are historical fiction which is my favourite type of book, and she just pulls you in right from the start. One of my favourite books by Marie is The Lady in the Tower because it is about a young Tudor aristocrat whose mother was imprisoned in a tower in part of her very own home and the one keeping her there is her evil father who at the same time is plotting to kill the King. Now Eleanor (for that is her name) must save her mother, her king, and herself because she is about to be forced into a marriage she doesn't want but then as an extra little twist one she thought she could trust cannot be and her enemy turns out to be a friend who has done a lot to help her! A great read!

Lucy Bayliss (12)

About Marie-Louise Jensen

I am in year 7 at school and I really like English and reading. I like historical novels and historical fiction too as well as mystery and myth books and any books where people have to fight for freedom or make a way for themselves. It's not that I like blood and battles it's just I believe in equality and all that stuff most people call junk.